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PYTA Advisory Board

Information for Members

The Advisory Board is made up of PYTA members, with two seats reserved for youth advisors. Its purpose is to advise, assist, support, and advocate for PYTA. The Advisory Board makes recommendations regarding PYTA programs, initiatives, and budget. It also assists with raising funds, recruiting advisors, and providing in-kind contributions for PYTA.  

Current Board


Theo Meacham (Company Q, Lexington, KY), Chair
Ali Hoefnagel (Dreams of Hope, Pittsburgh, PA), Vice Chair 
Evelyn Francis (The Theater Offensive, Boston, MA), Outgoing Chair
Benita Ramsey (Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance, San Bernardino, CA)
Blake Glass (Company Q, Lexington, KY)
Deejay Gray (SPECTRUM, Richmond, VA)
Donnie Williams (Proud Theater, Milwaukee, WI)
Grace Stolen (Proud Theater, Wasau & Madison, WI)
Jacob Demlow (Out Front Theatre Company, Atlanta, GA)
Shelby Howard (Company Q, Lexington, KY)
Shirley Li (Boston, MA)
Sisi Reid (Hyattsville, MD)

Read their full bios here!


If the PYTA Manager or PYTA Administrator are unable to assist you, you are welcome to contact the Advisory Board's Chair and Vice-Chair at any time. 

Theo Meacham, Chair (Company Q)


Ali Hoefnagel, Vice-Chair (Dreams of Hope)


Nominations and Elections

Thank you to everyone who voted for the 2019-2020 Board

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