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PYTA stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and with the uprisings taking place around the world. We stand in solidarity with all those working towards liberation and justice. We stand with Black and Brown communities against the systemic oppression that is woven in the fabric of our society. We stand committed to recognizing and eradicating racism, colonialism, and white supremacy. As a beautiful intersectional community, we will continue to fight and learn and grow and rest and heal and experience outrage together and within our own identity caucuses. 


And we recognize that we are also in the middle of a pandemic that has disproportionally impacted Communities of Color, queer people, trans people, and artists. We know that many of our member organizations are struggling to find their way forward in a new landscape of joblessness, social distancing, and limited resources. Please know that PYTA is here to support you in every way we possibly can. We hope you are staying healthy, and we will continue to hold space and light for you as we all continue to recover. 

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