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The Founders Circle includes members, friends, family, and partners who gave to PYTA during our innaugural campaign to raise funds for our Annual Conference, youth leadership initiatives, and Incubator Program. Their support contributed to record growth for PYTA, expanding our network and funding more leaders around the country to make an impact in their communities. Follow in their footsteps and make a gift to PYTA, today! 

Roberto Abreau & Chris Bauer

Sally Allard

Cory Barrett

Nick Bazo

Samuel Blake | In memory of

   Merle Williamson

Kelsey Book

Jacob Boyd

Chelsea Burke | In honor of    

   Lindsey Mercer & Erin McCamley

Jennifer Chapman

Carly Crawford | In honor of Q&A

   at Playhouse on the Square

Tim Cusack

Mike Dively

Ashley Douet

Jadrien Ellison | The Door

   A Center of Alternatives

Mark Fairman | Out & Allied

   Youth Theatre | in honor of

   Cathy Plourde

Out & Allied Youth Theatre |

   in memory of Charlie Howard

Lily Fernald | In honor of

   Mark Fairman

Evelyn Francis

Robin Godfrey

Deejay Gray

Brian Guehring

Cash Hadean | in honor of LOUD

   New Orelans Queer Youth Theater

MJ Halberstadt

Sophie D. Hassett

Susan Haugh & 

   Jane Ramseyer Miller

Brendan Healey

Ali Hoefnagel

Sophi Hopkins

Jonathan Jackson

Phillip Jarosz

Sarah Johnson

Breanna Keever

SK Kerastas

Amanda Kibler

John King

Shawn Lacount

Rachel Lee

Dena D. Lee

Adil Mansoor

Noah Martin

Caroline McEachern

John McGeeney & Linda George

Peter Meacham

Ann Malcom & Theo Meacham

Jack Meacham

Mary Meacham

Theo Meacham

Tuesday G. Meadows

Lauren Miller

Kaamila A. Mohamed

Sidney Monroe

Kristopher North

Kevin Parker

Laura Poppiti | in honor of

   New Conservatory 

   Theatre Center

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance

Mark Sension & Will Trevizo

Rev. Davanna Renee

Kevin Rodgers

Seth Rosenberg & Rebecca King

robbie routenberg

Abe Rybeck & Roberto Ugalde

Mead Ryder

Sarah Ryder

Jim Ryder

Joey Schultz

Leo Cheng

Betty Shrang

ViQuan Smith

Magda Spasiano

Indigo Spranger

Gregory Storella

Alisha Tranges | In honor of 

   Buddies in Bad Times' Queer 

   Youth Arts Performance Program

Keon Sunkins | In honor of

   Jermaine Nakia Lee

Benjamin Miller

Nikki R. Veit | In honor of

   About Face Youth Theatre

Ariel Welch

Brian Wild

Pioneer Winter

Cynthia Woo

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