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Queer Youth Theater programs, troupes, ensembles, & individuals


Queer Youth Theater
programs, troupes, ensembles, & individuals


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Members of the Pride Youth Theater Alliance include artists, educators, and activists at 24 youth, arts, and community service organizations across the United States and Canada with programs focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth theater.

Where are PYTA members?
Who are PYTA's Members?

About Face Theatre

Chicago, IL


About Face Youth Theatre, founded in 1999, is Chicago’s award winning and celebrated theater ensemble for young LGBTQIA people ages 14-23. Each year the ensemble devises and performs an original play that is included in the main stage season of About Face Theatre. While the topics change year-to-year, the root of the performance always lies in activating issues of social justice that are vital to themselves and their communities


Carolina’s Pride Theater Ensemble

Freedom Center for Social Justice

Charlotte, NC


The Freedom Center for Social Justice Carolina’s Pride Theater Ensemble’s goal is to increase the number of healthy options and opportunities available to youth and young adults through the production of original and published short plays, musicals, comedies, choreopoems and dramas that tell the story of LGBTA people. We have a deep commitment to diversity and sharing themes that not only entertain, but also shift hearts and minds. As an ensemble based in the Bible Belt of the South, we are dedicated to giving voice to many who are silenced because of the pervasive homo and trans* phobia that exists in this region.

Company Q

Gay & Lesbian Service Organization

Lexington, KY


Company Q exists to provide a space for LGBTQQIA+ young people in central Kentucky to explore their lives through the performing arts, connect in meaningful ways to the world around them, and educate the community.

Dreams of Hope

Pittsburgh, PA


Dreams of Hope was founded in 2003 to provide LGBTQA youth with a safe and welcoming environment to grow in confidence, express themselves, and develop as leaders. Our strategy is to mentor young people with professional artists and educators, and, through creative and performing arts, empower them to address and overcome the issues so many LGBTQI youth face. They use the skills and strengths they develop, as well as artistic expression, to educate people, build awareness, and increase acceptance, while assuming leadership positions in their communities. Dreams of Hope operates three programs: a multi-disciplinary, theater arts program (theatriQ), a summer arts camp (Qamp), and a neighborhood open stage performing arts program (speaQ).


Island City Stage

Wilton Manors, FL


The Mission of Island City Stage is to create professional theatrical productions and quality programs that engage the community in the LGBTQ experience.

ENCORE Youth Theater

Cooperative Innovation Consultants

Denver, CO

ENCORE Youth Theater is the newest project of CIC but has a history dating back to 2009. Formally Rainbow Alley Youth Theater under the GLBT Community Center of Colorado, ENCORE is not only a youth led project supporting LGBTQ youth in the community but also LGBTQ youth in facilities operated by Systems of Care.

FIERCE: Rainbow Community Players

Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance

San Bernadino, CA


FIERCE, RPYA’s after-school performance workshop for youth ranging from age 12 to 22 years old. FIERCE is a peer-led wellness strategy incorporating aspects of acting technique (including voice, IMPROV and movement), the focus is on individual creative expression and performance in a safe, collaborative environment. The overall goal of FIERCE Theater is to “decrease health risk behaviors in Inland Empire LGBTQI adolescents. Theater is used as a tool for enhancing self-esteem, developing language and communication skills, strengthening cultural identity, increasing academic and vocational skill sets, and promoting literacy.

Fringe Benefits

Los Angeles, CA


Fringe Benefits is a groundbreaking theatre company with a 23-year track record of collaborating with school and community groups to create plays that promote constructive dialogue about diversity and discrimination issues. Fringe Benefits’ theatre activism workshops and residencies, the two published anthologies of their plays, Friendly Fire and Cootie Shots: Theatrical Inoculations Against Bigotry, their scholarly anthology, Staging Social Justice, and the award-winning documentary film about their work, Surviving Friendly Fire, narrated by Sir Ian McKellen, have earned the commendations of artists, activists, educators and community leaders.Fringe Benefits is a groundbreaking theatre company with a 23-year track record of collaborating with school and community groups to create plays that promote constructive dialogue about diversity and discrimination issues. Fringe Benefits’ theatre activism workshops and residencies, the two published anthologies of their plays, Friendly Fire and Cootie Shots: Theatrical Inoculations Against Bigotry, their scholarly anthology, Staging Social Justice, and the award-winning documentary film about their work, Surviving Friendly Fire, narrated by Sir Ian McKellen, have earned the commendations of artists, activists, educators and community leaders.

Gayrilla Theater Project: Riot Youth

Neutral Zone Teen Center

Ann Arbor, MI


Grounded in experiential education and social action theater techniques, Riot Youth’s Gayrilla (a Neutral Zone program, established in 2008) highlights the oppressive climate LGBTQQA youth experience in school settings. Through theatre and discussion presented primarily to peers, teachers and administrators in Southeast Michigan, Gayrilla makes the school climate more inclusive.

Identity Matters (IM)

New Conservatory Theatre Center

San Francisco, CA


Identity Matters is a devised theatre-based residency program exploring identity among young adults ages 14-20. Workshops are tailored to the individualized needs of students to give voice to aspirations and challenges unique to their identity. Through theatre techniques and peer collaboration, participants create scenes, monologues, songs, comedic sketches and movement pieces based on their life experiences, interests and views of the world. A comprehensive spectrum of topics relating to the manifestation of identity and sense of self including gender diversity and expression, romantic freedom, ethnicity, family, sexual diversity, stereotypes, religion, social status, geography, politics, among others form the basis for the students’ performance showcase at the conclusion of each residency. No prior drama experience is required, just a willingness to learn, share and grow.


Pioneer Winter Collective
Miami, FL

​Main site:
Project page:


LEAP (Leaders of Equality through Arts and Performance) was established in 2012 ​as ​a queer youth interdisciplinary theater initiative by the Pioneer Winter Collective - dedicated to equality, social justice, and the transformative power of the arts.​ Most recently, focus has shifted to exploring innovative approaches to leadership training and creative interventions.


New Orleans Queer Youth Theatre

New Orleans, LA


LOUD’s mission is to utilize ensemble theatre to cultivate tools for self-expression, develop an intersectional analysis of oppression and build community through devising and producing original theater. We are guided by four core values: undoing oppression, youth leadership, solidarity and a commitment to devised theater.  Our members are outspoken, unapologetic queer and trans* youth who come together in solidarity to build community and control the narratives shared about their lives.

Out & Allied Youth Theatre

Waterville Inclusive Community Project

Waterville, ME


The Waterville Inclusive Community Project’s mission is to create safe and welcoming communities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth in central Maine. Its major program is the Out & Allied Youth Theatre (O&AYT). The O&AYT is youth-led, and includes approximately 25 middle and high school students.


Orlando, FL


interACTionZ, in partnership with Orlando Repertory Theatre, is an all-inclusive youth theatre program. Focusing on Theatre for Social Change techniques, youth creatively explore personal stories while devising new and original work. This hands-on and thought-provoking program is designed for LGBTQ+ youth as well as youth who identify as straight advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. Youth of all ages are encouraged to participate. Previous theatre experience is not required. Programming for youth is provided through community partnerships including Theatre UCF, Zebra Coalition®, and more.

Out Front Theatre Company

Out Front Theatre Company

Atlanta, GA


Out Front Theatre Company exists to tell stories of the LGBTQIA experience and community, through theatre and the performing arts, to the greater Atlanta area.

Outside the Lines Youth Theatre Ensemble

Creative Action 

Austin, TX


Creative Action’s mission is to spark and support the academic, social and emotional development of young people. Our goal is to inspire youth to be creative artists, courageous allies, critical thinkers, and confident leaders in their community. We work in hundreds of schools all over central Austin reaching more than 20,000 youth each year, though in the classroom programs, after school classes and teen ensembles, including Outside the Lines Youth Theatre Ensemble, a safe place for outsiders, LGBTQ youth and their allies to be creative and make a difference in the world

Pride Cab

Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

Toronto, ON


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is Toronto’s leading destination for artistically-rigorous, alternative theatre and a world leader in developing queer voices and stories for the stage.

Pride Films & Plays

Pride Arts Center

Chicago, IL

Pride Films and Plays creates diverse new work (or work that is new to Chicago) with LGBTQ+ characters or themes that is essential viewing for all audiences. We accomplish this mission through fully-staged productions, writing contests and staged readings, and filming one short film each season.

PFP is the primary tenant in the Pride Arts Center, which connects and promotes other artists who share our values, creating a safe environment for all. PAC books one-night events or limited runs, cabaret, film, dance, comedy, and other events. In 2015, Huffington Post called PFP “A powerful and empowering entity.”

Pride Players

Omaha Theatre Company

Omaha, NE


Pride Players is an award winning teen theater troupe from the Omaha Theater Company for Young People (a professional theater for young audiences). Now in its 16th year, the high school cast members (under the direction of three experienced theater educators) use improvisation to create original skits, scenes, parodies, poetry, songs, and true story monologues exploring issues facing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight allied teens. Pride Players has been honored by the Rockefeller Foundation, Heartland Pride, National Education Association, and American Alliance for Theater and Education. Pride Players has also given over $10,000 in college scholarships.

Project Pride

The Coterie

Kansas City, MO


Project Pride is a group of LGBTQ and straight allied teens creating theatre that gives voice to their experiences, culminating in a production that challenges the assumptions and celebrates the diversity of the participants and audience.

Proud Theater

Madison, WI

Art and Soul Innovation


Proud Theater provides essential services to LGBTQI and allied youth around the state of Wisconsin through the use of theater and the theater arts.  It is a safe space where youth can be accepted for who they are, and where they learn positive methods of expressing themselves through artistic collaboration with adults and peers.  Proud Theater makes a huge impact in the lives of the youth members, who gain a sense of self-value, of confidence, and of community. For nearly 15 years, Proud Theater has built a strong history of performance, outreach and community collaboration in order to promote visibility of LGBTQI youth and issues.  Currently, there are 3 chapters in the state of Wisconsin – Madison, Wausau, and Milwaukee.   A young adult version of Proud Theater, Proud Theater Beyond, launched in May of 2014 and will be making its debut at the ‘Proud Theater: Anthology’ 15th anniversary event in December.

Q&A Troupe

Playhouse On The Square

Memphis, TN


Q&A Troupe uses theatre to explore and express what life is like as an LGBTQ or Allied teen in Memphis and the surrounding area. Participation is open to students ages 14-21. No prior theatrical experience is necessary. Students are never required to reveal whether they identify as LGBTQ or Allied – we are a supportive community working toward a common goal.


Playhouse on the Square is a professional, live theatre located in the heart of Memphis, TN. With three theatre spaces, twelve education and outreach programs (soon to be thirteen!), and sixteen professional productions a season, Playhouse on the Square has something to offer everyone. Since 1969, Playhouse has strived to create compelling theatre experiences for the Memphis community.

Queer Youth Theater at The Door

The Door - A Center of Alternatives

New York City, NY


The Door’s mission is to empower young people ages 12-21 to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment. The Performing, Visual and Literary Arts offerings at The Door introduce young people to the critical role of the arts as a means of self-expression, personal creativity, healthy development, advocacy, and leadership while learning the skills to advance academically and professionally. The Queer Youth Theater at The Door provides LGBTQ-identifying teens and their allies youth with an opportunity to explore issues that are important to them through the creation of original theater.

QuTheatr Series

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Center for Applied Theatre and Active Culture

Akron, OH

The mission of CATAC is to establish a forum for community engagement and educational outreach through collaboration with emerging and established artists and the creation, production and presentation of a diverse array of theatre, music, dance, and exhibitions that affirms the intrinsic value of all cultures and explores the transformative power of the arts for the greater Akron community. CATAC seeks to provide a home base for the research and performances of New World Performance Laboratory and nurture emerging local artists and those of international reputation creating new work and experimenting with new forms of expression.


Richmond, VA

TheatreLAB & Richmond Triangle Players

Richmond, VA


TheatreLAB & Richmond Triangle Players are proud to announce the inception of a new partnership between organizations which will act as a youth outreach program hosted at Richmond Triangle Players and serving the Greater Richmond area! As an introduction to this exciting collaboration, Richmond Triangle Players will host TheatreLAB for an eight-week residency where a group of LGBTQQIA-identified youth will create an evening of theatre based on their own personal stories called SPECTRUM. Through a series of master classes and workshops, the participants will learn the basics of storytelling and performance, production and playwrighting, and marketing as we collectively produce their original piece of theatre.

Spectrum Collective

Simi Valley, CA

Actors' Repertory of Simi


ARTS Mission Statement: Every individual has the right to artistic expression and finding their own unique sense of "self" through the performing arts. ARTS' goal is to help nurture and guide that journey which can only serve to enlighten and unify us as human beings.

True Colors: Out Youth Theater

The Theater Offensive 

Boston, MA


True Colors: Out Youth Theater programs use a proven community-based theater approach to train and activate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied youth leaders. The Theater Offensive works with youth leaders to develop comprehensive True Colors programming that engages each participant deeply in our mission through the following program areas: — True Colors Troupe engages youth of all experience levels in year-round theatre training to create, produce and tour original shows to schools, community groups and social service agencies. — True Colors Studio offers youth a full range of workshops and advanced theatrical training opportunities that build proficiency in theatre-related skills. — True Colors Creative Action Crew is an ensemble of experienced youth leaders who deliver workshops and performances to expand the reach of True Colors. — True Colors Leadership and Inclusion Council is a group of peer-elected youth leaders that guides The Theater Offensive on youth-related matters and program development.

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