Member Spotlight: interACTionZ (Orlando, FL)

Theater for Social Change Project

March 9th, 2018 interACTionZ (Orlando, FL) connected over 125 theatre students from Freedom High School, Lake Nona Hight School, and Windermere High School to engage and reflect on issues important to their schools, community, and own lives. In each of their individual campuses, students used innovated theatre strategies to create original performances. Each school exchanged ideas throughout the process and came together Friday night in our WHS Auditorium to share original work with their family, friends, and our community through a collaborative performance

Here's a quick Q&A with interACTionZ director, Jonathan Jackson:

Where is interACTionZ hoping to go in the future?

interACTionZ is continuing to find new ways to use theatre to connect with young people in the Central Florida area.

What has been a challenge for interACTionZ this year?

Teaching full time has taken away some of the added time I have for interACTionZ, but I am working to cultivate new artists in the area to help continue engaging more young people.

What's next on the interACTionZ adventures?

We are looking at the possibility of another production and future Social Justice collations with students in Orange County Public Schools.