Member Spotlight: Out & Allied Youth Theatre

Out & Allied is a REM Community Initiative

Out & Allied Youth Theatre is a troupe of artists who use theatre to

share their stories, build community, and address issues of social justice.

Mark Fairman

Director of Operations

Mikayla Reynolds

Director of Programs & Outreach

Any current highlights for new projects, or projects just finished?


One of our chief focuses right now is scriptwriting for our 2019 annual original production Stonewall to Maine, a story that begins with the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 and highlights significant events in the progression of LGBTQ+ rights in Maine. We are nearing the completion of our first version and will soon be blocking and revising the script for version two. We have reached out to more community members and other organizations to be involved more than we ever have before! Out & Allied will be performing Stonewall to Maine on June 14th and 15th as well as doing an abbreviation of the play during this year’s Central Maine Pride’s Festival.


Out & Allied’s home base is located within the REM (Revitalizing Energy in Maine) building in Waterville, a short distance from Colby College’s new downtown dormitory. This building’s lobby features a local organization each month by allowing them to set up a window display called the “spotlight”. This was our second time being spotlighted! For March, Out & Allied was able to configure and lay out various pictures, quotes from our members and their parents, and highlight recent events; all surrounding our banner and mission statement.

Parent & Member Survey

Something we have been working on this year has been recruitment and improving the organization. We asked our members and parents questions surrounding their involvement and thoughts on the organization. The feedback was very useful in getting an idea for what we have been conveying to our members about what the organization stands for. Their quotes were compiled and became a tool for writing fundraising documents and … Specific quotes were also publicized in our March Spotlight.

Where is the program hoping to go in the future?

We need to grow our membership; we are looking for volunteers and additional leadership personnel.

What has been a challenge for the program this year?

Two significant factors we have been confronting are financing and time. Out & Allied had our board retreat in November of 2018 and discussed some sustainability issues and decided what needed to be implemented to secure our organization and programs in the long term scheme of things. Due to our previous and current shortage of these essential ingredients, we have been hindered and unable to do and participate in activities and opportunities that, if given more time and funds, Out & Allied would have.

What's next on the adventures list?

Summer Theatre Camp: Our 1st Musical

This summer, Out & Allied’s taking the bar beyond our traditional Summer Theatre Camp structure and bringing to Waterville an 8-week opportunity for children ages 4-12 to participate in the making of an original musical! The members will be developing the theme and story arc for the production, writing the script and lyrics, building themselves characters, be responsible for imagining and creating the set, props, and tech needs for the musical. The campers will be the primary ones to carry out these jobs with the assistance and guidance of 5 adults, including 3 Directors. A local professional musician is volunteering his time towards the lyrics and music to accompany the script.

Here is a cast photo of members and campers from Out & Allied’s 2018 Summer Theatre Camp production:The Good, The Bad, and The Disembodied. Pictured left to right is Sarah Brooker, Mikayla Reynolds, Julia Sinclair, Casper Daigle, Jacob McCormack, Lewis Dionne, Trista Campbell, and Randi Small. Missing: Mark Fairman.