Tips for First Timers

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We've got so many new folks coming to the 2019 PYTA Conference! To help welcome them into the space, we reached out to some conference alums to expand our conference tips. Here is what we've gotten from both last year and this year!

  • I would definitely say that a PYTA Conference is truly a life changing experience, being completely and utterly surrounded by people who want to love and accept you is such an amazing feeling!

  • Come open!!! Open to learn, open to have fun, open to be inspired & to inspire...Most of all come as your authentic self...we will welcome you. PYTA IS family.

  • Come with an open heart

  • Branch out! Talk with others! Meet and Make new friends!

  • Make connections!! Socialize! It seems scary to force yourself to talk to strangers, but trust that everyone will be accepting and gracious (because they will!) and HAVE FUN! :)

  • Definitely take the workshops you want and don’t necessarily stay with your whole group because you can grow from independence and expand your network!

  • Soak up everything you learn in workshops

  • Remember that the folks at the conference do very similar work as you do and they can be great resources in the future!

  • Take any handouts that are given in those sessions and bring them home to your own community and share the information you’ve learned!

  • Find a buddy early on in the conference, even if it's strictly to cover all your bases and learn about breakouts you miss. You can use the conference schedule as an ice breaker to meet someone and make time at the end of the day to get food/coffee and exchange notes. That's an easy in to learning about who gravitates to each other socially and, even if you don't stick with your buddy the whole time, you'll still be able to say you've met someone new!

  • Self care: If you need to skip a workshop to deal with email or go for a walk or get some sleep or decompress, please do it!

  • Measure capacity and communicate your needs as the arise

Thank you to Benita, Blake, Brian, Deejay, Gabby, Leelee, Mikayla, and Nikki for sharing their tips


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