Workshops at #PYTA2019!

The 2019 PYTA Conference has some great workshops coming! While we're still fleshing out details in scheduling, we're excited to announce the amazing workshops that will be on the schedule!

Art and Healing: Processing Mental Health​

Facilitated by: Shirley Li

Participants will use methods of art (spoken word poetry, songs, drawings, singing and more) as a way of healing and exploring individuals' identities.

Devising and Rehearsal: Two Separate Journeys

Facilitated by Claire Rutkauskas & Carter Taylor

We will explore different theatrical devising techniques that Q&A uses to create our original productions. We will explore techniques and games that will be engaging to your youth, produce material to work with, while also quickly communicate theatrical terminology to potentially non-theatrical youth. Then we will explore the value in separating the devising process from the rehearsal process, and how it can add value to the production and your youth's confidence and experience overall. Q&A's home Playhouse on the Square is celebrating it's 50th year as a regional professional theatre in Memphis, TN. Playhouse produces 17 productions a year, so process awareness and efficiency is very incorporated into all facets of the theatre, including the education programs. Claire Rutkauskas has 20 years experience of devising theatre with various Memphis groups as well as 20 years of professional theatre. Her devising experience prior to Q&A is predominately with the Our Own Voice Troupe which focuses on social justice and inclusivity, particularly around mental health.

Gender Exploration in Process Drama ​

Facilitated by Chad Parsons

I am working with Michael Hall's picture book titled "Red", a story of a blue crayon that was put into a red label. Through Dorothy Heathcote's methodology of teacher and student in role, drama activities. The participants will explore and experience the gender norms placed upon us. The learning objective of this project is to generate a conversation on how media and other perspectives influence how we perceive the gender spectrum.

Interrupting Islamophobia: An Introduction

Facilitated by Kaamila Mohamed

Islamophobia in the form of rhetoric, hate crimes, and policy is rampant in the United States. This workshop is meant to serve as an introduction to Islam and Muslims, Islamophobia, and ways to support Muslims and queer Muslims in your communities and country.

Jamie’s Story: Rehearsing Interventions on Gender-Based Oppression

Facilitated by Brennan O'Rourke, Meghan Grover, Victoria Tucci, Judy Boals, Tabatha Lopez, Gwendoline Boniface, & Sarah Meister

Our company will present a Forum Theater workshop, with methodology derived from Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed. The workshop, Jamie’s Story, centers on the theme of trans inclusivity within queer youth spaces. It begins with a short play that follows Jamie (a trans, GNC high school student) as they navigate gender-based oppression within their school’s Gay-Straight Alliance and the resulting support (and sometimes lack thereof) from family members, friends, teachers, and classmates. Throughout the play, workshop participants will pay particular attention to the choices of Jamie and their potential allies. Then, the company will re-play the action, and participants in the audience will be given the opportunity to step into role as one of three central characters and attempt to change the course of the action. Forum allows participants to open and explore possible options on their own, and does not dictate clear “right” answers to facing oppression.

Power In Pride

Facilitated by Donny Acosta

For the last twenty years, About Face Theatre Outreach Ensemble has toured productions to schools and organizations around Chicago to deliver LGBTQIA stories and advocate for safe and equitable environments. About Face Theatre is committed to creating performance and dialogue programs that provide safe and brave spaces to talk about LGBTQIA equity and inclusion.

This workshop welcomes folx to tell their stories by engaging in exercises and activities that have been used by the AFT Outreach Ensemble throughout the last twenty years, to help create a 30-minute touring show.

Activities and exercises include personal writing, group story circles, ensemble building, and the opportunity to create a performance in collaboration with fellow workshop attendees.

Vulnerability is encouraged.